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Offering network of professional tennis coaches with extensive training resources

One place to find both  tennis club  and  local  coaches

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We are proud to announce our partnership with Tsolak Gevorkian to be our ambassador for Protennislesson.


Tsolak Gevorkian: Davis Cup Captain and Pro Player

Protennislesson Story


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Coach Dias

Dias is a great coach and very helpful. For a player like myself who is looking to continue improving and eventually play in 

Cont'd ...

- Alex S


Coach Kevin

Unlike many pros, Kevin listens to his students and crafts his teaching to individual needs. Strongly recommend highly. In only 4 lessons

Cont'd ...

- Joe E


Coach Omar

Omar is extremely observant and thoughtful on stroke mechanics and movement and the game. I have taken occasional tennis

Cont'd ...

- Stephen M


Why are we better than our competitors?

We are the first commission-free platform to find coaches. No middleman fee for the lessons. And we pass the savings on to you. Now you can search clubs or local coaches in one place. Ever had an experience when you realized the coach is not qualified or the right fit for you. Our coaches' resumes and certifications are verified manually to save you time. Also, to make sure you are in safe hands, we run a background check on all of our coaches.

How Protennislesson Works

Are you or does your club have a five-star coach?


List your profile to reach millions of clients.

  • Attract and engage new clients

  • Build and strengthen your online reputation

  • Deliver a premium experience clients love


"Great marketplace to collect reviews and promote my coaching business"

Local Coach

Pedro M.

We can help your Tennis Club






"A fantastic tool to promote our club coaches and build a positive sense of community"

Club Owner

Michael D.

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