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Reach more new clients

Protennislesson is a marketing solution that helps tennis club reach more new clients

Tennis club's love Protennislesson

Here is why?

Everyone is using the internet to find the best coach in their town. We have made the process much easier for them to compare coaches. Now with just a quick search by using zip-code, they can find all the info in one place. Protennislesson marketplace is the destination to find well-qualified tennis coaches.


It makes it easy for the customer to compare coaches and their rates. It's convenient and helps them save time

New Customer Acquisition

Significant search presence, millions of people searching online can find top-notch coaches at your club

When customers compare coaches, they can see why your club coaches are the best 

(increase future bookings)

Promote to millions

Engage customers through your current brand touchpoints 

(Customer can book instantly via your website or on the phone)

Get verified reviews to promote your club in the marketplace

(capture your customer feedback)

Why Tennis Clubs Love Protennislesson
Get new clients
Large search presence
Collect reviews
Make more money

Most clubs receive new

clients within day

Being in the marketplace will increase future bookings

Collect reviews from your

clients to stand out

No commission allows the club to

make more money

Your club will get to keep all the money you make; We don't charge any placement fee or commission. To help us keep the marketplace running and online marketing expenses, we charge a small flat fee of $10 per month to post all your club coaches on the marketplace. You receive many new clients + all the benefits to expand your tennis club business in exchange. 

Generate Extra Revenue for the Tennis Club

Protennislesson allows your club to sell online lessons

Videos are great way to promote your tennis club branding.

Have your best coaches create videos of forehand, backhand, serves and foot work.

You set the rate for each video.

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