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How Protennislesson Works

We are the amazon of coaches. All of our coaches' credentials are verified manually by our team; for you to make the best decision and save time. We do not charge coaches commission for lessons they teach. We are a commission-free platform.  All of our coaches go through strict background checks to ensure you are in safe hands.

Step 1: Search for a Coach
Step 2: Book directly 

Enter your location, and we will provide a list of all verified coaches in your area.  You can sort the results by reviews and distance.

Once you have found the coach, you can message them.  Ask any questions to ensure the selected coach is the right fit for you.

Why Protennislesson

Ever had an experience when you realized the coach is not qualified or the right fit for you. All of our coaches' resumes and certifications are verified manually. We want to make you always have a good experience.

At Protennislesson, we provide you with a quality selection. Now you can search clubs or local coaches in one place. We have all coaches posted on our website for you to make the right decision.

First commission-free platform to find coaches. Our competitor websites charge commission for every lesson the coach teaches. Which equals you paying more and the coach getting paid less. We want to make sure you & the coach save money. 

All of our coaches are required to pass strict background checks. With the help of Checkr organization, we can screen our coaches for the Sex offender registry, County criminal records, and National criminal records. We want to make sure you're in safe hands.

We provide reviews of coaches from their previous clients. Reviews are an excellent way for the community to share their thoughts. Reviews can always be helpful to make a decision.

Coach finder service. Looking for a coach in your area. Suppose you don't find a coach in our directory. Contact us, and we will find you a coach. For free.

Our Approach

Protennislesson was built to deliver experienced coaches and help our customers save money. Compared to other websites, we bypass costs like placement fees, middleman commission that have no bearing on the quality of a coach. And we pass the saving onto you.















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